Admission Open from Nursery to Class IX & Class XI for Session 2021 - 22


The school is horizontally divided into four houses- Water, Earth, Fire, and Air. Each house is denoted by an element, a colour, a saint and a virtue.

  • 1. Water house denotes the element-uTel, the colour- blue, the saint Sant Kabir, and the virtue-Responsibility i.e. foaeT
  • 2. Earth house denotes the element-yeit, the colour-green, the saint Samarth Guru Ramdas, and its virtue is honesty i.e. gHTPTATŠII

Fire house denotes the element-3t, the colour- red, the saint-Shr Ram Krishna Paramhansa, and the virtue-bravery i.e. q61gTI Air house denotes the element-arg the colour-yellow, the sant- t Snn Ram Sharma Acharya and the virtue-Prudence 1.e. HSGR c nouses serve as a platform for the students to exhibit their Skils in Various activities. A multitude of activities are held to encourage the spint of competition among the houses.